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I know what you're thinking...

Posted on March 7, 2016 at 7:15 PM Comments comments (0)

Another site trying to sell you something right? But wait!! This is just to introduce you to the most awesome amazing little miracles in a bottle!!!

First I will start by saying, I was just like you. How in the world can a little bottle of some hippie oil fix all my problems? I was skeptical to say the least. I jumped and WOW!! Maybe they don't fix all my problems, but man do they make it the problems seem a lot less difficult to overcome. 

I've had my kit for a year today! There are so many wonderful things that I've been able to sooth at home with these. Yes, I still go to the doctor. Yes, I still believe in modern medicine. Yes, I vaccinate my kids. Yes, we eat at McDonalds on occasion. However, wouldn't it be nice to save a trip when you can? Or get instant relief for something that you are dealing with? That's where these come in.  

The purpose of this site, is not to make you buy something, it's to give you some information. Some fun things you can do with them and to show you that they really aren't scary!! 

Free Samples and Free Information

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When using essential oils education is SO VERY IMPORTANT!!  

There are ways to use them safely and get amazing results.

Do you like Peppermint Tea? Dip a toothpick in peppermint essential oil and stir your tea....Amazing.

Like your house to smell fresh and clean? Get a chemical free good smelling house by diffusing any citrus oil. 

How much do you diffuse? How much can you use? 

Education is the most important thing when you start using essential oils. 

I'm giving away free samples. Just use the contact me form and tell me what you would like to use oils for. I will send you a sample of the oil I feel is best based on resources from reference materials and education!! Free!!