Young Living Independent Distributor

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I want to share with you the way I started...

I started with a single oil. I was skeptical and couldn't believe that oil could be the answer to my problems. 

My daughter had a tendency to overreact. I know I know, children do that right? Well she had a tough time with it. So I thought why not. Let me tell you what, it was the best choice I made for her!!

After that worked I decided to buy the Premium Starter Kit. I had heard it was the best place to start to get a little taste of what you could do with them. 

I figured, what did I have to lose. Most of all, what did I have to gain!

I started with the kit and I haven't looked back. It was the best choice I've made. These oils have helped my family so much in so many ways. 

I had a community of amazing people to help me anytime I needed it. They answered every question I had, no matter how ridiculous it seemed!

Pictured below is everything that comes in the kit. That came to my door and I was instantly overwhelmed. 

You know that best part?? It comes with material to help you start out! I also had that amazing community to help me too! 

Soon I was off and running! Doing it all on my own. 

I decided, if these helped me, how much could it help other people!?

That right there....that's my "why". That is why I share my oils and my testimonies with people. I want to help. It's who I am.

The Premium Starter Kit